Artistry In Motion - Jazz

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Intro Jazz

The first class in our jazz program is for first time jazz students who are excited to “move to the music” and show off their natural flair for dance. The main goals include learning class format, listening to their teacher, cooperating with other students, and following class protocol. The main focus at this first level is listening to the music, finding the rhythm, building basic jazz technique and vocabulary, and using power and energy in their movements.

Jazz 1

Requirements:Students have a solid understanding of all Beginning Level technique and terminology. They understand and are comfortable with the concept of expressing their personality through dance. They are able to perform with confidence and maximum energy.

Objective: Students will build up on existing technique through complex combinations and exploration of the concept of “suspension and release”. They will learn how to employ this concept dynamically to their advantage. This class will have a strong focus on developing flexibility, muscular control,and balance. Students will be preparing their bodies for leaps, Jumps,and turns basics.

Jazz 2

The second jazz class in our program builds upon the movements and technique that students have already learned. These jazz dancers are ready for more combinations with a faster speed of movement. Dancers are expected to be able to memorize more jazz combinations and demonstrate movements independently. Students will continue to develop movement vocabulary, as well as balance, coordination, and body alignment. This class moves at a faster pace, with a strong focus on memorizing challenging combinations.

Jazz 3

Building upon the first two levels, Beginning Jazz III students are ready for more challenges and faster movements. In this class students continue to expand technique, vocabulary and lengthen combinations. The strong focus is on technique, qualitative differences, level changes, and flexibility. These dancers are building the core strength necessary to learn turns and jumps at the next level. Dancers must exhibit consistent skills and memory in order to move to the next level.

Jazz 4

The student at this level must have an understanding of jazz technique and vocabulary. The student must have a strong focus, flexibility and core strength with an emphasis on  working from movement to movement and performance.



This class if for the beginner to advanced dancer who wants to learn how to perform in heels.

Intro Leaps/Turns

This class is to introduce the student to leaps, turns and trick techniques.

Beginning Leaps/Turns

The student at this level will learn continuing leaps, turns and trick technique, working on core, leg and upper body strength.

Intermediate Leaps/Turns

This class is for the skilled leaps and turns student with an emphasis on building a stronger core, leg and upper body strength and a knowledge of fouettes, switch leaps, double axles, calypsos, jetes and second jumps.

Advanced Leaps/Turns

This class is for the most advanced dancer who must have completed Intermediate Leaps/Turns and have a strong core and flexibility. This level has an emphasis on the tricks of leaps/turns technique.

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